Tools for TWI Practitioners

Directory of Two-Way Bilingual Programs in the United States

View information on over 300 TWI programs and add or update entries


Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education

Self-evaluation tool for all dual language programs, addressing assessment, curriculum, instruction, staff, program structure, families, and resources


TWI Glossary

Glossary of terms related to two-way immersion and dual language education


Resources for Spanish Language Arts Standards and Benchmarks

Links to reference tools for program staff designing Spanish language arts standards, benchmarks or a scope and sequence for their program


Language of Initial Literacy Instruction in Two-Way Immersion Programs

PowerPoint presentation on the use of the partner language, both languages, or native language for initial literacy instruction


Spanish-Language Assessments for Dual Language Programs

A guide for selecting oral language, literacy, content area and vocabulary assessments for students in Grades PreK-12


Evaluator's Toolkit for Dual Language Programs

A toolkit for developing evaluation questions, collecting and analyzing data, and presenting findings; sponsored by the California Department of Education


The Two-Way Immersion Toolkit

Web-based version includes Q&A on instruction, model lesson plans, and section for parents of TWI students


The Two-Way Immersion SIOP (The "TWIOP")

Read a report on the use of the SIOP Model in TWI classrooms


Frequently Asked Questions About Two-Way Immersion

Get answers to questions on a variety of topics including resources for TWI programs and research outcomes


Arlington (VA) Rubrics for Assessing Speaking and Writing for Two-Way Immersion Students in Spanish and English

Rubrics developed in 1997 for assessing students in Grades 1-5 for the 50/50 TWI programs in Arlington, VA