Spanish-Language Assessments for Dual Language Programs

This guide contains descriptions of assessments that may be appropriate for use in dual language programs. The guide does not make explicit recommendations but contains information that may help dual language practitioners select tests in the partner language for students in Grades PreK–12. The guide includes an overview of available assessments, a list of related assessments, detailed information about available assessments, and a glossary of terms.

Spanish Language Assessments for Dual Language Programs

Download the Report (PDF, 107 KB).

Download the 2014 Supplemental Report (PDF, 254 KB).

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Educators, researchers, and the general public may make single or multiple copies of this document, as long as appropriate citation of the source is given:

Sugarman, J., Arteagoitia, I., Coburn, C., Gallagher, C., Montee, M., & Schissel, J. (2007). Spanish-Language Assessments for Dual Language Programs. Washington, DC: Center for Applied Linguistics.