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CAL collaborates with schools, states, and districts to design and conduct SIOP professional development programs that meet their particular needs. Informed by CAL's ongoing research, our experienced SIOP team can provide a range of services, including SIOP workshops, coaching, site visits, and technical assistance. Our team works closely with teachers, professional developers, coaches, administrators, and paraprofessionals as they learn to plan, implement, and support instruction using the SIOP Model. In addition to offering SIOP training in K-12, CAL can also offer professional development in the SIOP Model for adult learner contexts.

Email the CAL SIOP team to learn how we can tailor a professional development plan that meets your needs.

SIOP Professional Development Options

This list is a starting point for developing SIOP professional development programs that fit your needs and your context.

  • Overview of the SIOP Model
    This one-day workshop provides a summary of the SIOP Model and its research base. It includes information and discussions about how the Model can be articulated with other professional development efforts and how to support SIOP learning and implementation.
  • SIOP Teacher Workshops
    In a series of workshops throughout the school year, teachers learn about and practice the eight components of the SIOP Model by engaging in a variety of instructional activities. They plan and implement lessons, reflect on their experiences with other workshop participants, and refine their instructional practices using the SIOP Model.
  • SIOP Workshops for Coaches and Professional Development Staff
    Instructional coaches and other professional development staff further develop their knowledge of the SIOP Model and learn ways to guide and support others who are developing SIOP expertise. CAL staff can support these instructional leaders as they coach other teachers or develop and implement a professional development program for their schools.
  • SIOP Workshops for Administrators
    During SIOP workshops for administrators, participants are introduced to the fundamentals of the second language acquisition process and the SIOP Model. The workshop (usually lasting between half a day and a full day) highlights different ways administrators can support teachers as they begin to implement the SIOP Model in their classrooms.
  • SIOP Site Visits
    Site visits are designed to support teams of teachers as they plan and implement the SIOP Model. CAL works collaboratively with the school or district to design site visits based on teachers’ strengths and needs, with activities including SIOP coaching sessions, deeper exploration of a particular SIOP component, discussion of relevant readings, co-planning sessions, and SIOP lesson study.
  • Two-Way SIOP Professional Development
    The goal of Two-Way SIOP Model professional development is to promote biliteracy and bilingualism and foster cross-cultural awareness. Two-Way SIOP professional development services combine elements from the SIOP Model of sheltered instruction with best practices for dual language instruction based on our years of research and experience working with two-way immersion programs. Professional development in Two-Way SIOP has an increased focus on promoting cultural enrichment and language equity in the classroom, and effective use of bilingual models/pairs to promote quality peer interactions. For more information about CAL’s research project to adapt the SIOP Model to dual language contexts, read the report.
    All the professional development options described above are also available for Two-Way SIOP.
  • Tailored SIOP Professional Development Services
    Based on requests by districts and schools, CAL has developed SIOP workshops designed for math teachers, SIOP refresher workshops, SIOP peer coaching workshops, and SIOP Training of Trainer workshops.

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Case Studies

CAL offers SIOP Services in K-12 and adult settings.

Read Case Studies on selected projects below.

  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
    CAL has partnered with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system in North Carolina to provide a comprehensive CAL SIOP Model professional development program.
    Read the case study. Adobe PDF logo
  • Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School
    CAL provided SIOP professional development to workforce instruction teachers working with adult English language learners. Read the case study. Adobe PDF logo
  • SIOP in Fresno
    CAL has partnered with the Fresno United School District in California to provide content area-based professional development in the SIOP Model.
    Read the case study. Adobe PDF logo


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