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SIOP Presentations at the 2013 TESOL Convention
Jennifer Himmel, CAL SIOP Manager and Associate Director of PreK-12 Professional Development, participated in two sessions focused on the SIOP Model at TESOL 2013.

  • Building Capacity Through Job Embedded PD: A SIOP Success Story
    Presenters explained how instructional coaching and SIOP lesson study helped teachers in a Northern Virginia school district reach higher levels of SIOP implementation. They outlined the process for facilitating such activities and described how they have increased and sustained teacher implementation of the model.
    Download the presentation. Adobe PDF logo (1.86 MB)
  • SIOP in Action: Supporting SIOP Implementation with Authentic Classroom Video
    Jennifer Himmel shared and discussed clips from SIOP in Action: Instructional Videos Featuring Complete SIOP Lessons at Three Grade Levels, a DVD with authentic examples of classroom SIOP Model implementation. Tips were provided on how the video, with companion guide, can be used to enrich SIOP learning. Information about other CAL SIOP resources was also highlighted.
    Download the presentation. Adobe PDF logo (904 KB)

Cross-District Collaboration: Curriculum and Professional Development
This article, published in the TESOL Journal, describes a cross-district curriculum development project and serves as a resource for educators exploring how to align ESL standards with ELA standards and create relevant curriculum for students with limited school. The article also explains how district administrators combined resources to provide cross-district professional development to language and content teachers on effective academic literacy practices for secondary English learners.

Visit the TESOL Journal website where members can read the full article.

Preparing Teachers to Use the SIOP Model
At the TESOL 2012 convention, SIOP Manager, Jennifer Himmel, conducted a session focused on CAL’s enhanced resource, Using the SIOP Model: Professional Development Manual for Sheltered Instruction, which is designed for educators who plan to teach others to use the SIOP Model in their classrooms. She highlighted key resources from the manual and other SIOP tools for teachers.
Download the PPT presentation. Adobe PDF logo (394 KB)
Download the handout. Adobe PDF logo (216 KB)

Language Objectives: The Key to Effective Content Area Instruction for English Learners
In this article prepared for the Colorín Colorado! website, Jennifer Himmel, CAL SIOP Manager, provides an overview of how to use language objectives in content-area instruction for English learners. Read the article.


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