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BEST Plus 2.0 Test Administrator Training

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BEST Plus 2.0 begins with training to ensure the accurate use and scoring of the test. All administrators are required to attend a 6 contact hour training workshop conducted by a certified BEST Plus 2.0 trainer before they may begin testing.


Goals of the BEST Plus 2.0 Training Workshops

During the training, the trainer provides the workshop participants with an overview of the development and the purposes of BEST Plus 2.0. Participants are guided through scoring benchmarks and practice administering the test and scoring responses in a group environment.

BEST Plus 2.0 training can be customized to highlight the computer-adaptive or semi-adaptive print-based verson of the test depending on the program's needs. Test administrators often comment that the training workshop is a good professional development opportunity to understand oral proficiency in the context of an assessment.

BEST Plus 2.0 Test Administrator Training Options
Several training options are available to meet the diverse needs of adult English language programs.

Option 1: CAL facilitated training workshop
Experienced BEST Plus 2.0 trainers from CAL can conduct a training workshop at your location or remotely. CAL offers private (contracted) training and public trainings (see schedule below). CAL has experience working with programs to determine the number of test administrators that should be trained to meet the program needs. Please review our pricelist and email CAL for assistance to discuss. Please see below for our training calendar for public trainings during 2021-22 program year.

CAL offers Test Administrator training workshops. New trainees and programs should register for the BEST Plus 2.0 Test Administrator Training (Virtual). See below for details.

BEST Plus 2.0 Test Administrator Training (Virtual)

What is the schedule?
Day 1, 1:30-4:30 pm EDT via Zoom Day 2, self-paced via CAL's Learning Management System Day 3, 1:30-4:30 pm EDT via Zoom

Who this is for?
Those looking to become a Test Administrator of BEST Plus 2.0

What you will learn?
Understanding the Scoring Rubric; Demo of BEST Plus 2.0 Software; and Practice & Application via Calibration Activity

What do you need?
CAL staff will provide you with digital copies of the BEST Plus 2.0 Test Administrator Guide, BEST Plus Scoring Rubric, and BEST Plus 2.0 Software To participate, you will need a stable internet connection, audio/visual equipment to participate in video-conferencing, and a PC to run the BEST Plus 2.0 software BEST Plus 2.0 software runs on Windows XP or higher operating system

Training Calendar for 21-22 Program Year
Links to register for available trainings are listed below:
Month Training Dates Registration Info
September BEST Plus 2.0 Test Administrator Training 09/22-24/2021 Deadline, 9/15
November BEST Plus 2.0 Test Administrator Training 11/09-11/2021 Deadline, 11/2
January BEST Plus 2.0 Test Administrator Training 1/19-21/2021 Deadline, 1/12
March BEST Plus 2.0 Test Administrator Training 03/01-03/2022 Deadline, 2/22
April BEST Plus 2.0 Test Administrator Training 04/27-29/2022 Deadline, 4/20
June BEST Plus 2.0 Test Administrator Training 06/08-10/2022 Deadline, 6/1

Customized Trainings Available for Your Program!
Don't see a date that works for you? Contact us to plan a workshop just for your program or join our waitlist.

Option 2: Attend a regional workshop
CAL hosts regional training workshops in states where there is not a certified BEST Plus 2.0 training partner. Please email CAL for pricing and information or to be notified when a regional training is scheduled.

Option 3: Attend a training workshop hosted by a state training partner
These states have certified BEST Plus 2.0 trainers who periodically offer BEST Plus 2.0 test administrator training. (Pricing and schedules are determined by state training partners)



North Carolina

South Dakota



North Dakota










District of Columbia



West Virginia






New Jersey

Rhode Island



New York

South Carolina

Email CAL to learn more.

Training Materials

At the workshop, each participant receives what is needed to begin testing:


Read the characteristics of an ideal test administrator.


View the short narrated presentation about our tests.