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March 2015
Lesson Plans and Activities

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This issue is focused on using the SIOP Model in Career and Technical Education (CTE) settings. CTE teachers provide secondary students with academic and technical knowledge to acquire work-related skills necessary for 21st century jobs.

Lesson Plans and Activities

CTE photoCTE Lesson: Introduction to Boat Building: Buoyancy
CTE teachers can ensure they are simultaneously developing content and language knowledge for their English learners by using the SIOP Model to plan and deliver lessons.

In this 10th grade CTE lesson, learn how a CTE and ESL teacher integrated content and language instruction through a project that asked students to design a vessel that demonstrates the idea of buoyancy.

View or download the lesson.

CTE Activity: Content and Language Objectives for CTE
Content and language objectives support the Lesson Preparation component of the SIOP Model by helping teachers identify the language students need to understand and produce in their content areas and by helping to ensure that students will have the opportunities necessary to present that language.

CTE teachers may need extra support in developing content and language objectives as many SIOP-related resources are geared towards teaching in core subjects such as math, science, social studies, and English language arts. CAL SIOP has created this CTE activity which provides several resources to help CTE teachers understand how to use and create content language objectives.

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Learning the SIOP Model: Video and Viewers Guide
Learning the SIOP Model is a practical, hands-on tool for educators to learn more about the SIOP Model and its effective use in the classroom. Video clips from authentic classroom lessons demonstrate various features of the SIOP Model, and the companion viewers guide provides hands-on resources for use in professional development and in the classroom. Learn more.


Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners book coverMaking Content Comprehensible for Secondary English Learners
Adapted from the widely used Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners: The SIOP Model, this new 2nd edition publication opens with an introductory chapter that provides an overview of issues in the education of English learners. Each chapter that follows discusses one research-based component of the SIOP Model of instruction and gives explicit guidance on how to implement the component in secondary classrooms. Each chapter also includes vignettes of 3 teachers implementing the SIOP Model to varying degrees. Learn more.



TESOL 2015 International Convention & Language Expo
March 25-28, 2015 ♦ Toronto, Canada

Pre-Conference Institute: Developing Multimodal Literacy in Content Area Instruction
Facilitator: Annie Duguay

Presentation: Selecting and Using Apps to Shelter Content and Language Instruction
Facilitator: Jennifer Himmel

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