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CAL SIOP Bulletin
December 2011
Case Study
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Professional Development

Free Online Resource

Anticipation Guide for ELL Civics: Exclusive Brainstorming Activity

We have updated the free resources on our website with an activity that could be used to teach civics to adult English Language Learners. Used for a recent project in the North Carolina Community College System, this activity focuses on pre-lesson brainstorming and supports building background knowledge before and during instruction of American civil history.
View the activity.

This issue is dedicated to exploring SIOP in adult education contexts.

Carlos Rosario Case Study

Earlier this year, CAL provided SIOP professional development services to Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School in Washington, DC, the first charter school for adult education in the United States. The case study provides an overview of the entire project, covering not just the range of services, but also comments from participants and steps that the school is currently taking to better integrate language and content in instruction. Read the case study.

If you are interested in exploring how the SIOP Model can work with adult English language learners in your instructional context, please contact us at siop@cal.org,

Online Resources

Reading and Adult English Language Learners: The Role of the First Language
The adult English language learner population is large and  increases every year. The digest entitled Reading and Adult English Language Learners: The Role of the First Language outlines a number of issues from existing research on adult literacy development. One of the important findings of recent research is that there exist six types of first language literacy (ranging from preliterate to Roman alphabet literate), which in turn impact the process of English acquisition. Read the digest.

Online Brief: Adolescent Learners in Adult ESL Classes
Adolescent English language learners represent a small but steady student population in adult basic education and ESL programs. The brief Adolescent Learners in Adult ESL Classes is targeted toward practitioners and researchers who work with adolescent learners in adult basic education and ESL classes. It provides valuable background information on this issue, explaining who the adolescent ELLs are and why they find themselves in adult ESL classes. In addition, it suggests classroom and literacy instruction strategies that could maximize the language development of adolescent ELLs. Read the brief.

Professional Development

SIOP Professional Development Consultations for Administrators
The CAL SIOP team can provide targeted professional development to administrators in monitoring and supporting teachers in the implementation of the SIOP Model. During such consultations, CAL SIOP facilitators meet with administrators to monitor and evaluate their school’s progress with the SIOP model.

We also provide SIOP workshops for administrators. During these workshops, participants are introduced to the fundamentals of the second language acquisition process and the SIOP Model. The workshop (usually lasting between a half day and a full day) highlights different ways administrators can support teachers as they begin to implement the SIOP Model in their classrooms.  Contact us to learn more.

Featured Publication

The SIOP® Model for AdministratorsThe SIOP® Model for Administrators
Designed for administrators who want to support the academic achievement of English language learners (ELLs), this publication provides essential information as well as a practical overview of the SIOP Model and its effective implementation.

Learn more or order a copy.

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