CLIL in Context: Practical Guidance for Educators

Cambridge University Press
Fred Genesee and Else Hamayan


Written by CAL Board Member, Fred Genesee, and Else Hamayan, CLIL in Context is a comprehensive, practical guide to Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in different educational contexts. The authors discuss the theory behind CLIL and research evidence that support best practices in K-12 CLIL programs.  In addition, the authors discuss how to adapt CLIL so that it is effective in different specific education contexts – immersion-type programs, international schools, schools with immigrant and indigenous students, and foreign language classrooms.

Genesee and Hamayan consider key principles for making CLIL effective and provide practical guidance on how to design strong CLIL programs and implement effective CLIL instruction. The authors provide plenty of real life examples and useful tools for working with the community, planning instruction, selecting materials and assessing student learning. All of this is supported by commentaries from educators and students around the world who have adopted a CLIL approach. 2016.

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