LAUSD Partners with CAL to Develop English Learner Master Plan to Promote Multilingualism for All Students

January 17, 2018

CAL is pleased to announce its selection, along with partners SupportEd and Engage Language, to provide technical assistance to the Los Angeles Unified School District’s (L.A. Unified) Multilingual and Multicultural Education Department to redesign the District’s English Learner Master Plan, which outlines strategies for promoting English proficiency, bilingualism, biliteracy, and closing the achievement gap.

CAL, SupportEd, and Engage Language will provide technical assistance as L.A. Unified updates its master plan with a “kids-first” focus on policies, programs and instructional pathways. The goal of the new English Learner Master Plan is to promote the educational success of all students through effective programs that emphasize and support their linguistic and academic development.

“This presents an exciting opportunity for us to learn more about the students, schools, and communities in L.A. Unified, and to collaborate with L.A. Unified in improving educational opportunities for all students by creating an educational master plan that values the home language and culture of all students and incorporates them into educational best practices,” said project director, Sarah C.K. Moore.

CAL’s provision of technical assistance to L.A. Unified is in pursuit of its organizational mission, to promote language learning and cultural understanding by serving as a trusted source for research, resources, and policy analysis. Through its work with L.A. Unified, CAL seeks solutions to issues involving language and culture as they relate to access and equity in education in society and around the globe.

L.A. Unified, CAL, SupportEd, and Engage Language will work together to engage stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, District staff, as well as parents, students, and community members. Through the redesign of its English Learner Master Plan, the District and its partners have an opportunity to play a leading national role in promoting multilingualism and success for all students.

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