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Original BEST Plus

The original version of BEST Plus, developed by the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) and first published in 2003, was based on the Basic English Skills Test (BEST), an oral interview created by CAL in the early 1980s (for more information, please refer to the BEST Plus Technical Report, 2005). In 2016, CAL launched an enhanced and updated version of BEST Plus called BEST Plus 2.0.

Users of BEST Plus should be using the current BEST Plus 2.0 version as scores from the original are no longer valid for the National Reporting System (NRS) as of July 1, 2016.

CAL no longer publishes the original BEST Plus materials. Visit the resources section of the website for a list of products and links to the CAL Store to purchase.

For the convenience of our customers, CAL continues to provide access to information about the original BEST Plus. Please see the Quick Links section to the right to view and download information.

NRS Score Ranges for Original BEST Plus
The NRS score ranges for use with the original BEST Plus (June 2006 – June 2016) are provided in the Quick Links section for your reference.

Please note the score ranges for the Student Performance Levels (SPLs) have not changed between the original and BEST Plus 2.0 versions.

Original BEST Plus Test Software
The original BEST Plus was available three formats: on the red Test CD provided with the Test Administrator Guide; in USB format; and as a network version for selected clients who purchased that version.

The CD version required administrator rights to install and power user rights to run. The USB only required administrator rights to install. Check the Quick Links section to download instructions for the Original BEST Plus CD and USB.

Original BEST Plus Print-based Version
If you used the original print-based version of BEST Plus (Forms A, B, and C) and need to finish scoring them to complete your NRS Program Year 2016 or, if not NRS funded, to finish your current stock, you will need to use the original score management software on the red Test CD. See the Quick Links section to download the original Score Management Software User Guide and Addendum.

Test Transfer Program
If you have old computers running the original BEST Plus and would like to transfer unused tests to a new computer running BEST Plus 2.0, you can do so using the Test Transfer Program. The Test Transfer Program is available as a separate download for the original version of BEST Plus and is also available as part of the BEST Plus 2.0 software. See the Quick Links section.

Non-NRS Funded Programs
If your program is funded through means other than the National Reporting System, CAL recommends that you begin using BEST Plus 2.0 on July 1. However, if you use the print-based version, you can continue to use your current stock of original BEST Plus print-based materials (Forms A, B, and C) after July 1 until you run out and you can pretest with the original BEST Plus and posttest with BEST Plus 2.0 unless your funding guidelines say otherwise.

Email CAL with any questions you may have. We are here to help.


BEST Plus 2.0

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