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BEST Plus 2.0 Computer-Adaptive Version

The computer-adaptive version of BEST Plus 2.0 selects the test items appropriate for the examinee and produces an immediate score report. The test takes 3 to 20 minutes, depending on the proficiency level of the examinee.

BEST Plus 2.0 test software in USB card format.

How It Works
Each test begins with a series of warm-up questions delivered and scored by a trained test administrator. Then, the software selects subsequent test questions based on the test administrator's scores of the examinee's responses to previous questions. The questions are displayed on the screen for the test administrator to read and ask the examinee. Using the BEST Plus 2.0 Scoring Rubric, the test administrator scores each response and enters it into the computer using the mouse or a keypad. The BEST Plus 2.0 software ensures that examinees do not receive the same question twice. When the BEST Plus 2.0 software determines that sufficient scores have been collected to accurately estimate the examinee's proficiency level, the test stops.

Generating Score Reports
Informative score reports are generated for both the computer-adaptive and print-based versions using the BEST Plus 2.0 Score Management Software. The software allows users to perform many tasks related to managing the data residing in the secure and password-protected database used in the BEST Plus 2.0 Test Administration Program. The BEST Plus 2.0 Scores Database stores all data associated with test administrations.

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