Barbara Kennedy, EdD

Director, Dual Language and Bilingual Education Sponsored Projects

Dr. Barbara Kennedy, a Professional Development Specialist at CAL, delivers workshops, trainings, and a range of support services for K-12 teachers serving English learners in both monolingual and bilingual educational settings. Trilingual in English, German, and Spanish, Dr. Kennedy has served as a classroom teacher of German as a foreign language, English as a second language, and Spanish and English in bilingual school settings. 

Dr. Kennedy holds a Master’s degree in German Language and Literature, a second Master’s in Education Administration, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. Her dissertation, entitled A Qualitative Case Study of the Bilingual Teacher Shortage in One Texas School District, provides a detailed analysis of the bilingual teacher shortage and its ramifications for school leaders, teachers, and students. Dr. Kennedy's dissertation was selected for the NABE 2015 Outstanding Dissertation Award-Second Place. 

Prior to joining the team at CAL, Dr. Kennedy was Director of Elementary Education in a school district in central Texas, where she supported and monitored the district’s processes for curriculum and assessment writing and provided oversight for the district’s professional development programs at the elementary level. In addition, Dr. Kennedy led the district’s multilingual instruction team in the design and implementation of the district’s Vietnamese bilingual and Spanish dual language programs as well as English as a Second Language (ESL) program services at nineteen elementary campuses. Dr. Kennedy also founded, designed, and coordinated a district-housed alternative certification program for aspiring Vietnamese and Spanish bilingual teachers and provided support and professional development for K-12 multilingual teachers and administrators.


German, Spanish


K-12 Biliteracy Pathways

CAL is working with the Oregon State Department of Education during the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 school years to support K-12 Biliteracy Pathways project grant recipients in the development, implementation and evaluation of existing and new model two-way and one-way dual language programs.


Spanish-Immersion Education Trending

September 25, 2015

The continuing demand for dual language programs in the Austin, Texas area is addressed in this article. Benefits of dual language learning, including cognitive benefits, becoming global citizens, and advantages in the global marketplace are highlighted.