Math and Science: Skills and Strategies to Adapt Instruction for English Language Learners

Linda New Levine, Betty Ansin Smallwood, and Erin Flynn Haynes

Published by Center for Applied Linguistics


This professional development resource package was created for use in CAL’s Hot Topics in ELL Education series of workshops and institutes. CAL is making this professional development workbook and companion video available for sale as knowledge building, practical tools for educators. These resources provide a rich collection of information, activities, and strategies for teachers, schools, districts, principals, and administrators seeking to learn more about these critical topics. CAL recommends attending a CAL training which enhances the experience by providing additional information, context, and activities as well as collaboration with peers. These workshops can be delivered onsite at your location and are best suited for Grade K-8 students.

The workbook provides a wealth of information about this important topic, including research foundations and principles of instruction for teaching math and science to English language learners, the language of math and science, Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, making math and science comprehensible, developing higher-order thinking in math and science, and a complete lesson plan from one teacher’s perspective.

New authentic classroom video clips illustrate the principles and practices presented in the workbook, with Video Observation Guides and activities that reinforce the learning. The video segments demonstrate principles of instructions for English learners, solving math word problems, and adapting a science lesson.

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