Language Education Tensions in Global and Local Contexts

This new series co-published by the Center for Applied Linguistics and Routledge will examine current and pressing theoretical, ideological and educational issues that arise from the interface of the learning and use of global languages, such as English Spanish, and Mandarin, and the learning, maintenance, and use of local/minoritized languages. The interplay of such factors often leads to critical issues in language planning and policy, language learning and teaching, and language learning and use as it relates to national and individual identity. Books in the series explore the tensions that exist in language education today in a range of contexts around the world and suggest new directions for the future. The series is organized in two strands: (1) United States and (2) International.  

Each volume in the series will address a specific topic in one of these strands, including but not exclusively

  • ideologies concerning, and definitions of, language standards
  • choices involving medium(s) of instruction and educational language policies
  • promotion or suppression of local languages
  • language teaching and assessment
  • culture and identity as factors in language learning and assessment
  • accountability in language teaching and learning
  • impact of different theories of language acquisition and learning
  • intersections of class, race and gender in language education
  • changing perspectives on bilingualism/multilingualism and language teaching
  • demands made by accountability requirements on language and content assessment for students who speak languages other than English (U.S. Strand)
  • role of educational resourcing, arrangements, and types of programs (e.g., bilingual education programs) in the maintenance and development of non-English language resources (U.S. Strand)
  • teaching and learning of languages other than English in “foreign” language programs in US schools (U.S. Strand)

Titles in development:

Tension and Contention in Language Education for Latin@s in the United States
Edited by Glenn Martinez and Robert Train

Critical Perspectives on Codeswitching in Classroom Settings
Edited by Jeff MacSwan and Christian Jan Faltis

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