Ebonics: The Urban Education Debate, 2nd Edition

J. David Ramirez, Terrence G. Wiley, Gerda de Klerk, Enid Lee, & Wayne E. Wright, Editors

Published by Multilingual Matters


This collection of papers is an excellent addition to the literature on African American Vernacular English (AAVE), written in a clear style that makes it accessible to all those interested in the language and education of African American children. This publication traces the distant and recent history of the Ebonics debate in the United States, with leading scholars placing the debate within its historical and contemporary context. The authors provide clear explanations of what Ebonics is and is not and offer practical approaches that schools can follow to address the linguistic needs of African American students. The book includes chapters by CAL President Terrence Wiley and CAL Senior Fellow Carolyn Temple Adger. Original documents that accompanied the debate surrounding the Oakland Unified School District’s Resolution on Ebonics in 1996 are included for reference. This book is written for all those whose work impacts the lives of Ebonics speakers in U.S. public schools. 2005

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