Developing Reading and Writing in Second-Language Learners

Edited by Diane August and Timothy Shanahan

A Co-Publication of Routledge, the Center for Applied Linguistics, and the International Reading Association


This book was created as a summary of the full volume, Developing Literacy in Second-Language Learners, reporting the findings of the National Literacy Panel on language-minority children and youth. Learn more about the full report and read an executive summary.

In this more accessible version, chapters adapted from the full report concisely review the state of knowledge on the development of literacy in language-minority children and youth in relation to five specific themes:

  • Development of literacy in second-language learners
  • Cross-linguistic relationships in second-language learners
  • Sociocultural contexts and literacy development
  • Educating language-minority students: instruction and professional development
  • Student assessment

Designed for researchers as well as for use in a wide range of teacher preparation courses and in-service/staff development programs dealing with educating English language learners, this book is also a valuable resource for individual teachers and other school practitioners. 2008 336 pages

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