China and English: Globalisation and the Dilemmas of Identity

Edited by: Joseph Lo Bianco, Jane Orton, Gao Yihong

Published by Multilingual Matters


It has been said there are more Chinese learning English than there are Americans. We all have a sense that the first decades of the third millennium, including the effects of the global financial recession, signal dramatic changes to the shape of the world to come. China’s emergence as a superpower is one of the few certainties in this rapidly changing world. What is less well realized is the critical role which China’s decisions about English will play in the world’s communication profile.

This unique volume explores this question looking at the debates on identity, cultural values and communication practices. Taking a wide-ranging view and uniquely blending both Chinese and Western perspectives the volume explores the critically important cultural consequences of mass English learning in today’s world. 336 pp. 2009

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