Collaborating with Co-Teachers on the Key Uses


Please consult the event program for date, time and location.

Presented at: WIDA 2018

One barrier to effective instruction of ELs is that content teachers do not have the familiarity that ESL teachers have with teaching and assessing academic language. Co-teaching and other collaborative practices, coupled with a research-based academic language framework, provide an optimal context for teaching ELs.

In this session, participants will explore how to provide information and tools to support content teachers in implementing the Key Uses and other resources. To establish a shared understanding of co-teaching and collaborating, the audience will participate in a series of activities like anticipation guides, digital polling, and small group interactive structures like Numbered Heads and Round Robin writing.

Based on experience delivering professional development to WIDA states around the country, presenters will model effective activities and share lessons learned in training of educators on the features of academic language and the WIDA Key Uses.

Presenters will share lesson planning documents, video clips featuring planning dialogues, and lesson artifacts to demonstrate the implementation of various co-teaching and collaborative practices for emergent bilinguals.

While observing collaboration and co-teaching in action, the audience will participate in a guided reflection on applications to their own instructional contexts, and modify planning tools that incorporate the Can-do descriptors and Key Uses to facilitate collaboration between ESL/bilingual and general education teachers for the optimal integration of content and language instruction.