Spanish Language Development or ELD & SLD Integration

2:45 - 5:45pm EDT

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Presented at: WIDA 2016

Spanish Language Development or ELD & SLD Integration
A CAL and WIDA collaborative workshop

Please note: pre-registration is required for this session.

CAL and WIDA have collaboratively designed an innovative and informative seminar for educators to address the critical needs of emergent bilinguals and help them succeed in the classroom and beyond. Participants will work on some of the strategies and receive practical resources to create a welcoming environment for emergent bilingual students and facilitate their learning. 

Part 1 
Educators co-construct critical strategies and resources to facilitate emergent bilinguals success in the bilingual classroom and beyond. They will participate in engaging activities to recognize the cultural and linguistic challenges and opportunities emergent bilinguals face in accessing content knowledge, skills and practices in schools. 

Part 2 
In this part of the seminar, participants will receive information and resources development of programs and systems that support the cultural and linguistic development of emergent bilinguals in schools.