Facilitating Assessment Use as the Guiding Principle in a Large-Scale Assessment Program


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Presented at: NCME 2018

Paper in coordinated session: "Using an Assessment Use Argument in Developing, Using, and Justifying K-12 Assessments" with Gary Cook, Lyle Bachman, Alicia Kim, Lorena Llosa and Barbara Dambock.

The WIDA Consortium transformed a large-scale annual assessment of academic English language development into an online assessment aligned with new, rigorous college-and career-ready academic standards. The project to make do so had many moving parts with work needing to be communicated and coordinated across a variety of project teams and external stakeholders. To facilitate this work, while keeping the focus on validating test use, CAL developed a validation framework integrating Evidence-Centered Design (Mislevy, 2003) and the Assessment Use Argument (AUA) (Bachman & Palmer, 2010). This presentation introduces this integrated framework and discusses its usefulness.