What Do Language Teachers Need to Know About Assessment?


Please consult the event program for date, time and location.

Presented at: NCLC 2017

Knowing why, when, what and how to assess are some of the critical decisions that all language teachers have to make every day (Fulcher, 2012; Taylor, 2009, 2013). The purpose of this presentation is to provide a foundational introduction to assessment concepts that are most essential for language teachers and to demonstrate how to implement these concepts in creating tasks that assess and facilitate language learning.

In the first half of the presentation, the presenters will introduce fundamental concepts in language assessment and the process of creating assessment tasks that target learning outcomes through a backward mapping design. In the second half, the presenters will share authentic examples from a Chinese immersion classroom to show how to implement the concepts and process of assessment introduced at the beginning. By the end of the presentation, the participants will have a basic understanding of assessment literacy and guidelines and models for creating their own assessment activities that facilitate student learning.