National Research Summit on the Early Care and Education of Dual Language Learners


In spring 2014, the Heising-Simons and McKnight Foundations awarded funding for a National Research Summit on the Early Care and Education of Dual Language Learners. 

The goal of the two day summit was to engage and extend the established knowledge base accrued by the Center for Early Care and Educational Research Dual Language Learners (CECER-DLL), while simultaneously informing the future potential efforts by the Heising-Simons and McKnight Foundations specific to the early care and education of dual language learners.

The first day was a discussion of the current state of research focused on the efforts of the CECER-DLL. The second day provided time for authors of commissioned papers to present their work specific to areas of interest to the Heising-Simons and McKnight Foundations.

Commissioned Papers

Each author of a commissioned paper was asked to prepare a 15-minute presentation of his or her paper and facilitate a discussion. 

Paper topics included:

  • Topic 1: Research Based Models and Best Practices for DLLs across PreK-3: Differences in effectiveness in classrooms with multiple languages represented versus one dominant language.
  • Topic 2: Perspectives on Assessment of DLLs Development & Learning, PreK-3
  • Topic 3: Human Resource Development and Support for Those Serving DLLs
  • Topic 4: The Critical Role of Leaderships in Programs Designed for DLLs, PreK-3
  • Topic 5: Policy Advances & Levers Related to DLLs in PreK-3

Learn more and download the full papers and complementary briefs. 

About the Center for Early Care and Educational Research - Dual Language Learners

The CECER-DLL project is a cooperative agreement awarded to the FPG Child Development Institute of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The initiative targets children who are dual language learners (birth-age 5) and their families across settings such as: early care and education center-based programs, home-based and family child care providers, and Head Start and Early Head Start Programs.

From 2009-2014, the CECER-DLL produced working papers, research reports, research briefs, policy reports, and policy briefs aimed at establishing a baseline of what is currently known about DLLs in ECE settings, supporting best practices for DLLs in ECE settings, and making policy recommendations to impact current research, funding, and practice surrounding DLLs in ECE.

Visit the CECER-DLL website.  

Bridge between CECER-DLL and the National Research Summit

This Summit was proposed to convene scholars, policy colleagues and practitioners to consider the research work of the CECER-DLL and its implication for future research, educational practice and related policies at the federal, state and local level. The intention was to bring together experts from the CECER-DLL along with invited representatives from the research, practice and policy community to assess the “on-the ground” impacts related to work of the CECER-DLL. 

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