Language Policy, Language Attitudes and Identity Reformation in Post-1990 Azerbaijan

Language Policy, Language Attitudes and Identity Reformation in Post-1990 Azerbaijan
Jala Garibova, PhD
Vice Rector for International Relations
Azerbaijan University of Language 

About the Presentation
This lecture is intended to present general information about the dynamics of language policy in post-independence Azerbaijan, its impact on language attitudes and behaviors, and its role in the shaping of new identity models. Factors contributing to the policy development as well as to the changes in script, vocabulary and onomastics will be discussed in more detail. The lecture will have a special focus on the aspects of the language legislation and policy dealing with multilingualism. New tendencies in language policy in education will also be elucidated.

Linguistic behavior patterns will be discussed by comparing generational priorities and attitudes based on certain historical and socio-cultural factors. The lecture will also offer a discussion around newly shaped identity patterns within various communities in Azerbaijan. Some comparison will be offered from the “identity repertoirs” of other post-Soviet Turkic societies.

About the Speaker
Jala Garibova is Professor of Linguistics at Azerbaijan University of Languages where she teaches courses in Sociolinguitsics, Language and Society and Language Policy and Planning. She received her PhD in Linguistics from Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences in 1994. Her main focus of interest is language policy and linguistic change in Azerbaijan and Central Asia. Her recent book, The Issue of Language and Newly Shaped Identities in Post-Soviet Turkic States, was published in Ankara in 2012. 

Jala Garibova was an IREX exchange scholar at UCLA in 1995, and a Fulbright Scholar at ETSU in 2007. She also works as Vice Rector for International Relations at Azerbaijan University of Languages.

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