Effective Formative Assessment for the K-8 Classroom


Please consult the event program for date, time and location.

Presented at: CLEF 2016

This workshop will familiarize participants with the CAL's K-­8 formative assessment: the Classroom Observation Checklist Kit (CLOCK), and provide guidance for classroom-based assessment and development of two types of rubrics (theoretical and empirical).

The presenters will use materials specifically designed for teachers of Chinese including sample CLOCK assessment activities from Chinese programs and checklists that can be used with beginning and intermediate level students. Participants will engage in interactive discussions, simulations including hands-on practice with the assessments and rubrics.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Participants will gain an understanding of the CLOCK, and effective observation, note-taking, and rating procedures.
  2. Participants will learn about different classroom activities that can also serve as opportunities for formative assessment.
  3. Participants will learn about the instructional benefits of implementing formative assessment.
  4. Participants will have a basic understanding of the key principles of rubric development.
  5. Participants will understand how to accurately and efficiently assess students’ work through the use of rubrics.