Exploring Teacher-Facilitated Peer-Peer Interaction in Dual Language Classrooms

10:35am - 12:05pm CDT

Convention Center, Ballroom Level, Hemisfair Ballroom 1

Presented at: AERA 2017

Peer-peer interaction has been found to be an important factor in developing second language proficiency in English-medium classrooms, and a small body of research has identified features that potentially engender effective peer-peer interaction in dual language (DL) classrooms as well. While no single study has comprehensively explored all these features, the presenters developed an observation protocol and piloted it in six upper-elementary DL classrooms over the course of three months in order to investigate the implementation of peer-peer interaction in DL settings. The research base, instrument design, pilot implementation, and data analysis for this project will be shared along with implications for further research.