Dual Language Education and the Promise of Equal Educational Opportunity

10:35am - 12:05pm CDT

Grand Hyatt San Antonio, Fourth Floor, Crockett A

Presented at: AERA 2017

Dual Language Programs have been found to be a promising approach to minimizing the achievement gap between English Learners and Native English Speakers. The papers in this session provide a comprehensive review of Dual Language programs including 1) a review of the last twenty years of research 2) case studies of Dual Language programs in early childhood programs and secondary programs, 3) case studies of Dual Language programs in NYC and 4) issues in the preparation of teachers for Dual Language programs. The Discussant will identify challenges to the implementation of Dual Language programs with fidelity, then open up the floor for questions and answers.


  • Achieving the Promises of Dual Language Education: Goals Achieved, Goals Overlooked, and Goals Reimagined Beatriz Arias, CAL; Amy Markos, Arizona State University
  • Early Childhood Dual Language Kathryn Lindholm-Leary, San Jose State University
  • Dual Language in Secondary Settings Ester J. de Jong, University of Florida; Carol Irene Bearse, Touro College
  • Teacher Preparation for Dual Language Education Barbara Kennedy, CAL
  • The History of Dual Language Bilingual Education in New York City Ofelia Garcia, Columbia University; Patricia Velasco, Queens College-CUNY; Kate Menken, Queens College and Graduate Center, CUNY; Sara Vogel, The City University of New York

Discussant: Beatriz Arias, CAL